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Dates of arrivals:

All excursions last for 3 hours, available all year round.

Description of the tour:

City on the Pacific Shore
As you embark through our historical city you will learn of the great extents it took to create and develop the foundation of Vladivostok. As you explore through the Downtown you will be witness to its century old buildings along with its modern Soviet architecture. You’ll visit viewpoints where one can admire the panoramic views of the Golden Horn Bay and the Russky Island.


Night Lights of Vladivostok
This lyrical, soulful tour will tell you about the cultural life that Vladivostok has to offer at nighttime. You will be fascinated with splendid views of the sea, along with our city lights that create a fairy glittering picture of beauty that your eyes will never forget.



Visiting og Primorsky Aquarium
Primorsky Aquarium is the third largest oceanarium in the world. A lot of expositions, an underwater tunnel, a rainforest, and a dolphinarium with an arena pool and stands for 800 spectators wait for the visitors every daily along with its charming and talented inhabitances.


FEFU’s campus
Far East Federal University is the biggest university of Russian Far East. It’s a unique intellectual community that cooperate with educational institutions in different countries. FEFU’s campus is a large territory with world-class infrastructure, parks, cafes and walking quay.



Casino Tiger & Cristal
Tigre de Cristal &Resort is a place where every guests can appreciate the unique infrastructure of the complex that combines the biggest casino in Russia, restaurants of Pan-Asian and world inspired cuisine, bars, lounge zones, stage with live music show programs, golf simulation “Cristal Golf” and shopping of luxury goods and jewelry from the world’s most renowned fashion brands.


Sea Voyage
Pack your bags and sat your sails! As you embark on a maiden voyage by sailboat across the waters of the Golden Horn Bay to the Amursky Bay and to the Skryplev Island – the so called “Sea Gate” of Vladivostok. You will be subject to enjoy these beautiful views of the city and harbor islands.


Journey to Safari Park
This wonderful trip to safari park will be unforgettable to you. You will open up a world of wild animals: tigers, various cloven-footed animals, birds of Primorsky region are waiting for you there! It is amazing that all these animals are not in cages, and you will have a great chance to take perfect photos with them.


The Historical and Technical Museum of the Automotoring
The Historical and Technical Museum of the Automotoring in Vladivostok has a unique collection of Soviet and foreign automotive equipment of the 20s-70s of 20th century, which includes over fifty antique cars and motorcycles of various countries and brands.


Military museum complex “Voroshil battery”
This tour reveals the amazing military history of Vladivostok.


St. Seraphim Monastery
St. Seraphim Monastery is the hundred-year-old monastery. His history inextricably linked with the history of the Russian Far East, Russian people and the Russian Orthodox Church. This place is located in the peaceful and beautiful place on Russky Island.


Vladivostok Fortress
This tour reveals the amazing military history of Vladivostok. Having been considered one of the strongest marine fortresses of the 20th c., modern Vladivostok shows its unique military architecture with massive fortress complexes, coastal batteries, fortifications and our underground passages.


Winery “Maikhin’s farm”
In this tour you’ll know a lot about wine and will have the opportunity to taste different types of it.


Regional museum of local lore, history and economy
In order to understand the specific of Russian Far East, it’s necessary to visit «Regional Museum of local lore, history and economy» in Vladivostok. 130-year-old museum has unique artifacts of the State of Bohai and the Golden Empire of the Jurchens, reveals the amazing history of Primorsky Region and its wild nature.


Sun Service
The tour takes you to the Ussuriysk Astrophysical Observatory. The scientist here will tell you about amazing discoveries on the Sun and other magnificent stars since its opening back in 1955.


Trepang museum
The first trepang museum in Russia. You’ll learn a lot about the healing properties of trepang and the specific of trepanga breeding.


Religious memorials
The tour about religious monuments of architecture of old Vladivostok, where almost all confessions and religions are represented – Jewish synagogue, Japanese Buddhist prey house, Lutheran church, Catholic kostel, Orthodox cathedrals, churches and chapels.


Architecture of Downtown
tour around the first streets of Vladivostok that still preserve spirit of the early years of the city. You’ll learn about Gothic and Empire, Classic and Baroque, Russian and Oriental styles that are represented in the old Vladivostok buildings.


Vladivostok Theatres
tour about city theatres of different epochs – pre-Revolutionary Korean, Chinese, Pushkin theatres and theatres of modern Vladivostok. Performance at one of the theatres will finish the tour.


Green Friend
excursion starts at Vladivostok parks and finishes at the Botanical garden that is the preserve and the laboratory of Far Eastern division of Russian Academy of Sciences.


Russky Island
In 2012 two cable-stayed bridges were built in Vladivostok, and one of them has connected the mainland of the city and Russky Island. Now Russky is the most popular and attractive island for tourists. You will fall in love with this wonderful island!


Visiting of riflerange club

Potter Workshop

Russian sauna

Sea fishing

Dinner with the seafood

Mariinsky theater in Vladivostok


Additional information

The excursions are regularly operated on Saturdays and Sundays in Russian. Tickets are sold in advance in the office of the company. Average price per person is 250 – 350 roubles. The excursions in other languages and in other days are operated on request and the price is quoted specially in every case.