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Sun Service
The tour takes you to the Ussuriysk Astrophysical Observatory. The scientist here will tell you about amazing discoveries on the Sun and other magnificent stars since its opening back in 1955. Also you will have some free time to have picnic and enjoy nature.

Dormant Volcanoes of Primorye
This tour will teach you of the geological peculiarities of the Primorsky region in the past and present. You’ll be brought up close and personal to the once active, but now dormant ancient crater of the Baronovsky volcano.
Kravtsovskiye waterfalls
Prepare to be charmed by the peaceful forest place, where you will enjoy viewing the wonderful sights of 5 cascades throughout each season of the year. They are Kamennaya Skazka (the Stone Fairytale), Kamennaya Chasha (the Stone Bowl), Dikaya Past (the Wild Jaws), Stupenchaty (the Ladder-shaped Waterfall), and Khrustal’ny (Crystal). After viewing these exquisitely beautiful waterfalls you can continue to have a good time on the picturesque bank on the river.

Lotus Blossom
tour to the lake where beautiful pink lotuses blossom from late July till early August. On your way back you’ll have a stop at the bank of the river for swimming and picnic.

Medieval Ways
in Middle Ages a lot of important and interesting events took place at the territory that is now the Primorsky region. The guide will tell about them during this trip to the excavations spot at the place where a mighty fortress of Bohai state was situated in the Middle Ages.

Ussury Cossacks
tour to the sites where cossacks settlements were situated in old times. Now this places keep the history of exploration of Primorye by cossacks.

Ussury tiger
It is а tour to Spassk Dalny city where you can see real alive Ussuri tigers and take photographs.

Azure Bay
In the course of this tour you’ll come to appreciate and enjoy Lazurnaya Bay’s geographical position, with South Primorye’s distinct flora and fauna and you’ll later continue your good time on the shore. “Primorye Horses” – A tour for horse fans! On your way from Vladivostok to a stud farm in Ussuriysk city (2 hours) you’ll became a specialist in horse breeds in Russia. And when you arrive in the farm, you’ll see how the horses are bred, and have fun on horse-riding!

Caves of Shkotovo
A tour to the most close to Vladivostok caves at Shkotovo county of Primorsky region. You’ll learn much about mountains and caves in Primorye, and penetrate to the depths of famous Primorye caves Dragon and Serebryanaya (Silver), crawling at some spots like real speleologist to see the stalagmites!