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Dates of arrivals:

TOUR PROGRAM (4 days / 3 nights)

Description of the tour:

Vladivostok (that means “to possess the East” in the Russian language) is a capital and the largest city of Primorye. It is also the largest port at the Russian Far East, that is why it is called sometimes the Pacific Gate of Russia. If you want to make a short trip to Russia, Vladivostok is a good choice. You’ll find there traditional Russian buildings and Orthodox churches, powerful military fortifications, picturesque landscapes and great monuments.

The tour program:

1 day

14.15 Arrival at Vladivostok airport. Passport and immigration control. Meeting with the guide. 15.15 Transfer to Vladivostok. 16.00 Check in the hotel “Vladivostok”. 19.00 Welcome dinner at the restaurant Hunter’s Castle with folklore Russian show program. 20.00 Return to the hotel.

2 day

10.00 Breakfast. 11.00 Sightseeing tour about Vladivostok (monuments of architecture, memorials to founders of Vladivostok, heroes of WWII, Lenin, revolutionists, Vladivostok Fortress Museum (blank fire of a gun at 12.00), two best viewpoints at funicular station and lighthouse, Square to the Fighters for Soviet Power, memorial submarine C-56, Korabel’naya Quay, Zolotoy Bridge) 15.00 Lunch at the café-bar Scandinavia (buffet) 16.00 Visiting Regional Museum of local lore, history and economy. 20.00 Dinner.

3 day

10.00 Breakfast. 12.00 Voyage by cutter to the Russky Island with fishing (flatfish), and picnic on the island with ukha (Russian fish-soup). 18.00 Return to Vladivostok. 20.00 Dinner.

4 day

9.00 Breakfast. 10.00 Shopping. 12.00 Check out from the hotel. 14.00 Transfer to the airport. 15.00 Check in to the flight. 16.20 Departure.

Included in the price:

* Living in a hotel
* Transport services
* Food (3 times a day)